Meckley’s works year round to make sure that the store has unique items from around the country. We are very pleased to have Yankee Candles, Sweet Grass, “O” list favorites, Farm House Fresh and Lollia just to name a few. Vintage linens, old school games, and fun repurposed items are all a part of experience. We scour the back roads; go to countless auctions looking for one of a kind antiques and oddities for our store.

If you are hungry, well then we can help. Our bakers get up every morning at the crack of dawn to make fresh pies, breads and donuts. We use only the freshest, high quality ingredients that make our products the absolute best. Our ingredients come from our neighbor’s farms whether it’s; eggs, honey, milk, fresh strawberries we buy local products first. All of our flour products come from a company only 12 miles away. So stop in and try one of our signature items like an Apple Fritter or take home a Carmel Apple Pie.

Our parlor features hand dipped ice cream made right here in Michigan. Sixteen delicious flavors to choose from will make it a hard choice for anyone. You can get it in a cone or a sundae however you like. Fresh fudge is another item that is sure to please, make sure to ask for a free sample. Looking for something from your childhood? Well we have the ticket, a large selection of “nostalgic” candies from a simpler time.

Remember what a typewriter looks like, or how about a wringer washing machine? Bring the kids out so they can see the precursor to the laptop or the high tech washers we have today. Come out and touch a piece of history, experience it firsthand.