Cider Mill

In 1970 Ray Meckley started hand crafting his own cider at Flavor Fruit Farms. Since that time he has perfected the blend into something very unique. Although the exact apple blend is kept secret, they will tell you that it includes 4-8 varieties of both sweet and tangy apples. Some of the varieties include: Gala, McIntosh, Jonathon, Cortland, Delicious, Jon-A-Gold, Mutsu, Honey Crisp, Ida Red, Northern Spy and Granny Smith. The cider changes over the course of the season. Early cider tends to be a bit less sweet and fuller body – where later cider is lighter in color and much sweeter.

Our cider is “un-pasteurized” and we believe that is what makes it so good. The pasteurization process heats the cider and changes the flavor profile making it a “juice”. Our apples are all hand picked from the trees (NO drops or windfalls) are used. Then they are graded, washed and sanitized to ensure quality standards are maintained. The mill is inspected before and after every batch, and remains under the watchful eye of the Meckley’s. We ship apples coast to coast. Please contact our shipping department for current market pricing.